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14 November 2019
MTD: Two Thirds of Clients Still Use Spreadsheets
A survey by software company IRIS found that moving clients to bookkeeping software continues to be the greatest business challenge, for 66 percent of those surveyed.
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11 November 2019
Poor skills outlook for 2020
Employers need to harness disruptive talent!
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9 November 2019
Early signs of distress in the housing market.
According to a report released by Moore Stephens, there has been a 58% jump in the value of mortgages written off by UK banks in the last year.
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cgt We have helped numerous businesses over the years who have been assessed by HMRC Revenue and Customs enquiries following Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Corporation Tax (CT), Self-Assessment (SA), Working/Child Tax Credits (WTC/CTC) or VAT enquiries - reducing determination liabilities often exceeding £250K in back-taxes and penalties to zero!

Yes, it’s true! We have even recovered thousands of pounds from HMRC that businesses didn't even know about.

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Always remember to record telephone calls made to HMRC enquiry numbers - just dial the phone number: 0870 645 0120 Use our cloud hosted telephone call recording service hosted on secure servers. Call our numbers and we will route your calls and texting you a ssecure link to the call recording at the end of the call. We can also provide call transcripts - poa. Phone calls can cost 13p/min plus network charges if they are not part of your subscription bundle. Many providers allow these phone calls for free - check your network provider's phone call package.

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Small and Medium Size Companies...
We help companies with HMRC Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT liabilities as well as HMRC Self-Assessment enquiries for directors.
Sole Trader and Partnerships...
If you are a business that is not using a company structure, we can help minimise your HMRC VAT and PAYE tax liabilities as well as employer/employee NI contributions and Tax Credit claims.
High Net Worth Individuals...
We provide assistance on tax minimising strategies avoiding unpleasant HMRC questioning and unexpected assessments.
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