Using a Company to
Save Tax

Many small, usually family owned businesses incorporate to save on taxes and national insurance contributions. The savings can be considerable when compared with running the same business as a sole trader or partnership. This guide explains how to use a company to achieve tax savings.

Salary or Dividend

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is should shareholders/directors pay themselves using salaries, dividends or a combination of the two. This guide shows you which would save the most tax.

Selling or Incorporating your Business

We often are asked to advise how a sole trader or partnership should go about incorporating to avoid taxation and likewise when the owner of a business wishes to sell. This guide shows how it should be done.

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If you prefer to have a go yourself, we have produced a number of easy to follow guides, that show you how to reduce your tax bill.

Each guide is produced by an expert in their field, these guides are invaluable and will save you thousands of pounds. Each guide is priced at only £9.99 and will be sent via email to you. The guides cover the following areas:

How to Save Property Tax
One of our most popular guides we produce - since the boom in propety prices most people who have properties realise astonishing profits and along with them, astonishing tax bills. This guide will help you to minimise your tax bill.

Avoiding Tax using a Property Company
This guide builds on the previous guide by showing you in a easy to understand way how to incorporate a property company and calculate your tax bill along with secrets top investors use to avoid paying tax.

Avoiding Inheritance Tax

Most people spend their lifetime accumulating wealth, to take care of themselves in their old age and to pass on to their children. It is unfair then, that without careful planning and pre-emptive action, most families will face huge Inheritance Tax bill. This tax bill can rob your family up to 40% of your inheritance. This is where this guide comes in to help.

Tax Credits

Tax credits were introduced in in 2003 providing a great deal of benefit to families, single parents, disabled and those on low earnings. However the system is complicated and most people don't claim everything that they are entitled to. This guide explains the tax credits system and shows you how to ensure you plan your finances so that you can maximise your claim.