We provide a comprehensive tax recovery service.

Given tax integrates a number of areas, we are able to assist in these areas:

Defend Tax positions Against Audits and Investigations

Our experts can advise you on whether your tax planning is open to query by HMRC and if anything has been missed.

If you are already being investigated we can ensure that your interests are protected and HMRC don't walk all over you. We have experienced ex-HMRC consultants, who have been involved in numerous investigations, undertaken many forensic accounting reviews and have over 30 years working at the highest levels of HMRC - we ensure you only pay what is due and nothing more - period.

If you have a problem, one of our consultants will be more than happy to do an initial consultation for free.

We can provide initial advice and should further work be required, we can provide details - why don't you give us a call?