Do you know someone who could use our services?

If you know someone who needs help to reduce their taxes or make a claim, you can recommend them onto us and if we make a successful claim we will make a 10% of our share of the recovery to you as a token of our appreciation.

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We work with individuals and small and medium sized businesses.

Regardless of teh size of the client or the industry, we are able to ensure that we make a positive contribution in terms of reducing your tax bill, alleviating the anxiety associated with a tax investigation or recovering outstanding and recoverable taxes.
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Client 1

This small fast growing startup whose core business is recycling of metals started life as a sole trader. Through our assistance, they were able to restructure their business so as to make a tax saving of £15,570.

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Client 2

This national retailer and distributor of mobile phones across the UK had problems with HMRC over self-billing arrangements with the mobile phone networks. In the last tax year, we helped the Directors make a significant VAT reduction and implemented a more efficient payroll system that allowed the deductions bill to be halved.
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Client 3

We helped this direct marketing business with operations outsourced in India, to recover over £30,000 in VAT.
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Client 4

We helped this individual claim back over £20,000 income tax when his business went into liquidation.
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